14-Jan-2019Harrisburg, PA+16 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for any of the sizes below of pine/whitewood boards: 1x12x8' 1X10x12' 1x10x4' 1x2x8' 1x2x6' 1x2x4' 1x3x8' 1x3x6' Anything you have will help cut down my costs. Thanks so much!
13-Jan-2019Dauphin, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for metal coffee cans with lids to complete an art project with students in a nonprofit Afterschool program. Part of a project to teach kids about recycling and reusing of items. Need about 30 to 45 cans. Thank-you for considering this need. Need by March 1st.
12-Jan-2019Harrisburg, PA+16 milesItems Wanted
If you have any yarn you no longer want please contact me. I make scarves and hats for homeless, poor and newborn hats for local hospitals to distribute.
11-Jan-2019Harrisburg, PA+16 milesItems Wanted
hi I am looking for jigsaw for some small woodworking projects.
6-Jan-2019Lebanon, PA+16 milesItems Wanted
Looking for interior paint to repaint my apartment, lighter colors preferably but if anyone has any leftover/unused paint or knows where I can find some free I ll gladly make use of it! Bonus if you have any oil based primer/sealer.
5-Jan-2019Wrightsville, PA+19 milesItems Wanted
Wanted. Brass Windshield. Flexible on sizes What do you have?
5-Jan-2019Wrightsville, PA+19 milesItems Wanted
Brass Windshield. I`m flexible on the size. what do you have?
1-Jan-2019Elizabethtown, PA+9 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a small desk to do paperwork. I am currently using a sewing machine table but I d like to learn how to actually sew so I need somewhere else to use my computer
1-Jan-2019Elizabethtown, PA+9 milesItems Wanted
Need something narrow or that can be torn down/ put together due to small doors in old building.
26-Dec-2018Harrisburg, PA+16 milesItems Wanted
Looking for 2-4 folding metal chairs to use with my dining room table. I live in a very tiny apartment, and would like to be able to fold them up and put them away when I'm not using them. I don't care if they're a little dinged-up, scratched-up, or even a little rusty since I currently sit on my floor, I'm really open to anything (within reasonable condition). Thanks much in advance!
25-Dec-2018Lebanon, PA+16 milesItems Wanted
Counter top microwave that works--for an 88-year-old's kitchen. Thank you.
21-Dec-2018Harrisburg, PA+16 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a working/good condition vacuum ASAP
19-Dec-2018Harrisburg, PA+16 milesItems Wanted
Hello: This is our first Christmas celebration. I am looking for any xmas decorations as we begin our holiday traditions. I have a tree that was given to me by a co-worker and some ornaments. More ornaments are needed, lights, and any other misc decorations. I would love a nativity set, any Believe, JOY or Peace decorations. Anything really :-) Thank you
19-Dec-2018Harrisburg, PA+16 milesItems Wanted
Looking for seedling/seed starter/plant heating mats. The kind you plug in and it warms up and you can put your plant trays on it. Also would appreciate a plug in thermostat to control the temperature. Let me know if you have any that you are not using. Thanks soooo much.